Wladimir Klitschko Vs Anthony Joshua Prediction (Video)

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This is my prediction as to what each fighter will need to do to win, also what I think the end result will be.

Phillip Harris

Phillip Harris’s passion for boxing began in the late 80’s. What started as just a mild interest has matured into a strong appreciation for the sport. First being drawn in by the dominance and energy of Mike Tyson, and then held by all the talented fighters which followed. A culmination of 20+ years of avid fandom has afforded Phillip a bevy of knowledge on boxing. It has also enabled him to be a reliable, and often outspoken, panelist on the topic. Although, Phillip has never fought in a official fight, he has experience as student as well as a teacher. While just starting as an amateur boxing trainer, he has been working towards eventually becoming a professional. Phillip Harris lives in Indianapolis, Indiana. In addition to boxing, he is a huge fan of both the Chicago Bears and Chicago Bulls. When he’s not working, you can find him exercising, watching a boxing match, or spending time with his daughter and son.

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