#why theRingside.BIZ Network?

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theRingside.BIZ Network offers the greatest ROI (Return On the Investment) for those within the sport. Where else can you promote yourself (amateur or professional status), an event, your experience and for the price??? NOTHING!


Images: getsome.pngAll other boxing media publishers focus on a one dimensional media concept where theRingside.BIZ Network contains a mass quantity of resources that has a aim and direction to develop an increasingly greater fan base, a greater marketing experience for the boxing amateur and professional and their team(s), and an overall fun experience for all.

Images: boom.pngtheRingside.BIZ Network holds no hidden media agendas. We will not hold back the truths of the sport. Conversation within this network may be harsh and brutal on occasions, but is the truth of the sport.

theRingside.BIZ Network is a resource for anyone to post whatever they desire about the sport. It can be about the sport’s top rank players, the up and comer, and/or the amateur boxer.