#what is theRingside.BIZ Network?

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theRingside.BIZ Network is the concept dreamed up by Jason Ford (The Man, The Capo) and Jay Kemp (The Marketing Guru).  With Ford being a connoisseur of boxing knowledge and BIZness and Kemp’s mastery of sports marketing, they have put forth a quality effort to provide the greatest network of boxing resources for Fans, Amateurs, Professionals, Promoters, Teams, etc.


All other boxing media publishers focus on a one dimensional media concept where theRingside.BIZ Network contains a mass quantity of resources that has a aim and direction to develop an increasingly greater fan base, a greater marketing experience for the boxing amateur and professional and their team(s), and an overall fun experience for all.
Mission Statement:
To increase value in combat sports market-share and personal promotion.
Vision Statement:
To continue to offer an endless supply of educational resources and expand opportunities of interactive ways of being involved in the sport we all adore.

theRingside.BIZ Network Vision is based on:

  • News
  • Personal Professional Marketing and Interaction
  • Multimedia Exposure
  • Event Promotion
  • Fan Involvement