The Incredible Hill Strikes Fast!

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Sometimes the spotlight is placed on you. Other times you seize it. This past Saturday night, we saw undefeated Curtis “The Incredible” Hill snatched the spotlight on the non televised portion of the Adrien Broner vs Adrian Geanados fight presented by Showtime. Coming into the ring relaxed and undefeated, Hill didn’t appear to be at the least bothered by the animated crowed who were clearly there to see a great night of boxing. His opponent, the 5-3-1 Cory Dulaney, appeared equally confident as he was on a two fight win streak. This calm that he showed would prove to be of no advantage as we all found out once the bell rang. At the ding, both fighter pressed forward cautiously trying to figure out from what angle to strike one another. Hill was trying to establish the jab on his southpaw opponent who himself was trying do do the same as he wanted to get inside and work the body of the more lengthy Hill. As the saying goes, “Life happens fast.” In this instance of speed, the monotony of feeling out and jabbing was broken up by and equilibrium rocking right hook that shook Dulaney and took his legs. That though wasn’t the finisher. What followed was a straight left that dropped the already dizzy fighter and was the exclamation mark that punctuated this fight. Dulaney stood, but was clearly knocked out of his mind. The referee stopped the fight graciously preventing unneeded injury. Hill moves to 10-0 with 5 knockouts. He’s now looking for an even bigger spotlight to perform under whether he’s placed in it or he has to once again seize it!


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