Special K Gaining Momentum

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Keon Johnson, nicknamed “Special K”, is a professional boxer that is no foreigner to controversy or hindrances. He began his career back in the middle of 2005, fought to an encouraging 7W-1L record in 2006 before being forced to stop fighting due to bad decisions. He made his return in 2008 but didn’t seem to be determined as he once was and his record reflected it. Fighting in and out of the ring to get to some form of normalcy, Johnson went through an abysmal series of defeats but never stopped battling.

Today, Johnson has seemed to have found new fortitude and has been rejuvenating his image to show his heart and hunger to be a player in Indianapolis, IN and beyond. Since 2005, he has only fought 2 or less bouts a year until he got to 2016 where he fought 5 times. He has already had his first fight for the year on 01/21/2017 against Alejandro Alonso in Tijuana, Mexico, and is scheduled for his next fight on April 8th in Indianapolis, IN. It seems he is carrying his momentum from 2016 to 2017 and I see no signs of him slowing down.

Phillip Harris

Phillip Harris’s passion for boxing began in the late 80’s. What started as just a mild interest has matured into a strong appreciation for the sport. First being drawn in by the dominance and energy of Mike Tyson, and then held by all the talented fighters which followed. A culmination of 20+ years of avid fandom has afforded Phillip a bevy of knowledge on boxing. It has also enabled him to be a reliable, and often outspoken, panelist on the topic. Although, Phillip has never fought in a official fight, he has experience as student as well as a teacher. While just starting as an amateur boxing trainer, he has been working towards eventually becoming a professional. Phillip Harris lives in Indianapolis, Indiana. In addition to boxing, he is a huge fan of both the Chicago Bears and Chicago Bulls. When he’s not working, you can find him exercising, watching a boxing match, or spending time with his daughter and son.

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