Malcolm Jones tired of the tough talk

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The streets of the city of Indianapolis have been buzzing the last week or so with chatter of the ongoing verbal viral war between Malcolm Jones and Curtis Hill Jr. Things got heated up when Curtis Hill Jr. appeared on a video that went viral where he claimed he and Anthony Sims Jr. were the best light heavyweights in the city. This statement of course did not go over well with undefeated prospect Malcom Jones who felt total disrespect by the video.

Jones and Hill Jr. have a bit of a history dating back to 2013 in the Indiana Golden Gloves where Jones came up on the short end of things. Although that is old news it seems the desire for Jones is to finish some unresolved business. Both fighters have taken different routes in their pro careers thus far with each still remaining unbeaten to date. The question for me remains with all the media talk and or hype produce a fight.

Fans have been responding by the masses to the video and the social media post on facebook made by both fighters. Each fighter respectively has a very good following here in Indianapolis and fans seem to have no issue picking sides and saying who is the best. One can only wonder at this point who really is the best between the two. We caught up with Jones at his gym American Top Team Tuesday evening to discuss the current events. Here are some of his thoughts on the video and Hill.


“Whats good thanks for coming to see me man got some shit I want to get off my chest. This video with Hill has gotten under my skin a bit cause he knows he does not want to see me in a ring. I mean how can you have a light heavyweight prospect conversation and not include me, come on man. I been trying to stay quiet and humble but this is some shit I cannot let pass. Some say prospects like us should not fight, my response to that is why not clear the air and leave nothing to the imagination. I work hard on getting better and I feel a fight like this is not only good for the fans but Indiana boxing which is making a resurgence. I will be responding to Hill and any other sucker who thinks they want this soon via video.  Thank you to everyone who supports Malcolm Jones I truly appreciate you.”

We will continue to follow this story as it progresses. With both fighters being just across town from one another hopefully we will see this come to fruition.


Jason Ford

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