Draper Returns to Big Stage

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The business of boxing can throw a fighter all sorts of curveballs from cancelled shows, to replacing a fighter on fight night, to getting the call of a lifetime. The latter is the case for journeyman Eric Draper who got the call to face Caleb Truax in May which he gladly excepted. For Draper this is a drastic change in competition and also a fight if successful could change his life and career.

Eric is set to face Truax May 4, 2017 in Maplewood, Minnesota at the Aldrich Arena. Draper verse Truax will serve as the main event on the card being promoted by Tony Grygelko’s Seconds Out Promotions. Many feel this match will be just a formality for Caleb to get back on track and onto other things but Draper feels him looking past this fight could be costly. We caught up with Draper in between one of his training sessions to discuss his last two fights which ended in defeat and what he has been doing to prepare for this huge challenge ahead.

“Thanks for giving me a call ringside.biz its always a pleasure speaking with you all. I have been in the St. Pete area of Florida training my butt off and improving my skills. I have to be honest the last two fights I had I was not at my best nor did I take either fight seriously. I just went through the motions which is something I will never do again. I will not cheat myself in the ring, I will always give it my all from here on out.

Sometimes it is hard to get motivated in this game, but my upcoming fight is truly a blessing and one I plan to take full advantage of. I know he is looking at my record thinking this will be easy work but I am not the same fighter. I been getting in very quality work with Darnell Boone among others here in Florida. These guys have been pushing me to new limits. It is nothing but killers in Florida and I love every bit of the work I been getting. My camp has been going well and I am ready to shock the boxing world come May 4. I have added some things to my arsenal which will benefit in this match I have no doubt about that. ”

After speaking with Draper I could not help but notice his sense of determination and focus on this fight. I have had the pleasure of being around Draper early in his career and we wish him nothing but the best in this fight. Once he closes camp we intend to check in with him again so stay tuned to the biz. 

Jason Ford

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