Addison is Ready to Eat

August 22, 2016 // Comments

In the game of pro boxing obstacles big and small can be thrown a fighters way either derailing them or driving them to strive for their dreams. For pro debut super […]

Keon Johnson

July 26, 2016 // Comments

Since I started working the boxing scene in Indianapolis, I have met several boxers and got a peak into their lives as I wrote articles about their triumphs and downfalls, […]

The Dogg Pound in Naptown

July 26, 2016 // Comments

The summer continues to sizzle with fighting heat as Indianapolis prepares to take in its next meal of punching action Friday August 26, 2016 when Dogg Pound Promotions stomps their […]

Journey of a Warrior

June 8, 2016 // Comments

Each day as humans on this earth the world presents us with various obstacles that either hinder or help us in our journey of life. For upcoming light heavyweight prospect Malcolm jones of Indianapolis […]

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